Start Me Up!

Read about our opportunities for Startups and Indies.

Equity Sharing

You are a startup, and you have great ideas, products and great energy. What you lack is cash.

What do you do?

You talk to PigWorks.

The Structure

The first step in any collaboration is to talk.. Put together a quick overview of your product/project and send us a mail at [email protected]. There is no need to go into great detail, but tell us what you are working on, how it is unique in the marketplace, and how you see us helping. We love to work with new ideas, and we will respond to your mail in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

Following on from this, we will need to learn more about you, your product and why you think others will be excited about it as well. If possible, we would like to use the product or service to determine if it excites us enough to be a part of it.

After this series of talks, and if we have decided that working together is a possibility, PigWorks will spend some time putting together a preliminary proposal. This could take many forms depending on the product, application or service involved, but usually consists of a few branding ideas, mockups, and a preliminary vision of how we would go about promoting the venture. If there will be a payment for our services, it will normally come at this point in the process.

We have an affinity toward working with startups and indie developers, as this is where we come from. That being said, we are very selective about which of these we take on to work with, and we need to truly believe in or use the product. When working with this type of client, we will try to structure payments as part cash and part equity or revenue share based on sales. We have found this to be quite an effective approach for clients who are cash-strapped, and it can also be great for us if our investment pays off. If we feel that your idea is groundbreaking, and will attract a considerable audience, we will work with you as an investment in exchange for your trust in our plans, a bit of cash, and a reasonable amount of upside.

In closing, you should know that you can be as involved in the process as you would like. Some customers prefer a hands-off approach, whereas others like to be involved in every detail. We exist to work with you.

Our goal is to work with creative and innovative people who make great products. When we get to do this, we are happier than pigs in shit.