Kurtain Kall

Case Study

Our Client

Kurtain Kall is a social site for students in the arts to display their talents and to be connected to recruiters for universities, colleges and conservatories. PigWorks provided website design, branding, digital assets and direction to Kurtain Kall from its inception.


Kurtain Kall is operating as a startup, and as such, a full array of products needed to be developed. From the web design to the logo and brand book, PigWorks have worked hand-in-hand with the client to realize business concepts.

What We have Done

A website has been developed to draw students and recruiters, as well as to increase interest for potential investors.

PigWorks have built a strong brand identity and style.

PigWorks has also produced designs for tee shirts and other "swag" that reflect and strengthen the Kurtain Kall brand .

  • Website Design
  • Building brand identity and strategic development
  • Production of designs for corporate gifts (swag)
  • Development and implementation of promotional strategies including social media, events and online promotions
  • Production of Digital Assets
  • Production of Brand Book

Project Details

Date: 18.02.2016
Client: Kurtain Kall


Web Design, Corporate Identity Design, Branding