De Hummus House

Case Study

Our Client

De Hummus House is a Middle Eastern restaurant in Amsterdam, The Netherlands who are building their reputation by providing freshly made vegetarian and vegan dishes, great service and very reasonable prices. The company vision is to open several restaurants in Amsterdam over the coming year, with the intention of quickly moving into international markets.


De Hummus house was created in June 2015. The restaurant had good reviews but was lacking visibility. To ensure the owner could see his goals go through, awareness and popularity needed to be improved, both online and offline.

What We have Done

Working together with Yov Designs, of Tel Aviv, Israel, we have built a strong brand identity and style. Facebook landing pages have been introduced to draw customers toward in-store promotions and increase brand visibility.

PigWorks has also produced designs for carryout and delivery containers that reflect and strengthen the Hummus House brand presence.

Development of social media and promotional strategies has resulted in a double digit percentage increase in social media interactions and followers. In-store promotional materials including a novel “video menu” have been also been produced.

  • Building brand identity and strategic development
  • Production of Facebook landing pages and MailChimp Integration
  • Development and implementation of promotional strategies including social media, events and in-store promotions
  • Marketing communications - including newsletter development
  • Input and assistance on web design
  • Digital Assets - Production of video menu
  • Translation - Translation of website to French
  • Blogger outreach and organisation of special “tasting evenings” for influential local bloggers ( these bloggers represent over 560K hits/day on their sites)

Project Details

Date: 18.02.2016
Client: De Hummus House


Packages mockup design, Promotions, Campaign and Analytics.

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